We Are on a mission

A team of storytellers, strategists, and designers with a cause. 

Roughly 70 percent of American workforce is disengaged at work. You probably know this. Because whether it's Fast Company, ForbesInc., or The Harvard Business Reviewthis is the most discussed statistic on workplace wellbeing in decades. It's popular because it impacts everything from innovation to productivity to the bottom line. It's a multi-billion dollar problem.

But we are not here for the lost profits. We are here for the lost people. Because a world where seven out of ten people spend at least eight hours a day doing something that brings little passion or personal growth is a world deprived of great things. An ocean of unrealized potential and lost dreams.

It's tragic, and it doesn't have to be this way. 

So yes, we are a change agency that helps organizations become more innovative, agile, and aligned to find success in increasingly trying times. But that's what we do, not why we do it. We do this work because we are forever committed to the idea that every organization can be a place where people accomplish more than they thought possible. A place where dreams are made, not withered away.

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The team

Creatives with a knack for building movements that accelerate change. In addition to the folks below, we have a network of writers, designers, and facilitators on contract.


Matt Johnson

Pentagon policymaker, trained mathematician, former frontman of a punk rock band, and nonfiction author. Matt's road through life is certainly winding, but that's actually his greatest asset. Because as Matt navigated each phase of his career, he was able to refine one core skill: The ability to tell stories that influence people.

Whether it was compelling Congress to approve critical security programs in Africa, inspiring Fortune 200 executives to make bold moves to redefine workplace culture, or persuading the Michigan Governor to change corrections policy to increase public safety, Matt and his teams used story to do it.

And that's why he started this company: To use the power of story to help organizations (and the people that work for them) find success in increasingly trying times. 

Originally from a small Iowa town on the banks of the Mississippi, Matt now resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Angie, Loretta the Chihuahua, Wolfie the three-legged pup, and Rosalita the cat. 


Christian Golden

Are ancient ideas relevant to the future of business? Seriously. If you read words from Hume, Kant, Aristotle, and the like, will you glean insights relevant to your work? Ask this question to Christian and he’ll convince you that it’s true. Because he has devoted his entire life to the study of the most transformative ideas in human history.

As a PhD moral philosopher, Christian focused his academic research on the study of human transformation. Specifically, he examined why individuals and groups change, and how to cultivate conflict to facilitate healthy transformations. It’s a body of work that defines Christian’s style as a consultant here.

Before coming to The Impossible Company, Christian held a number of different research and teaching positions at Georgetown University, the University of Tennessee, and George Washington University. In addition, believing firmly that no one should be deprived of access to ideas, Christian also taught at The Jessup Correctional Institution and Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning.

A native of Virginia, Christian likes his music loud, hiking strenuous, and movies in black & white.