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We use story to accelerate change.

Organizations are more likely to fail today than at any point in history. We know this. We’ve read the doomsday scenarios about a tough road ahead and the big giants that fall.

But doomsday thinking doesn’t bring a brighter tomorrow. It is true that the change we need is not incremental, it’s monumental. It’s also true that there is no framework, process, or technology that can do it for us. But in the wake of all this change, we risk losing sight of the one thing that we need the most.

It’s not change management. There was no change initiative that inspired 5,200 people to pour 6.6 million tons of concrete to build the Hoover Dam. Change management did not prompt 400,000 engineers and scientists to create the systems necessary to land two Americans on the moon. It was something bigger.

It was story.

Stories give us meaning. They inspire. They teach. They mobilize. And they make us who we are. Which is why storytelling is the most powerful human invention. And it’s what this company is all about.

The Impossible Company: A change agency using the power of story to redefine strategy and culture.

Whether it’s setting a new vision, attracting new talent, aligning after acquisition, or defining a new purpose-driven culture, there is something that only you and your team can do. An impossible dream that you were born to achieve.

Let’s make it real.


Here's how it's done.

We are not a communications firm, so this is not just slogans and posters. Our work is experiential because your story is more about what you do than what you say.


Reimagine what's possible to define a bold vision for the future. 

Sample engagements:

  • Leadership Expedition: 1-2 day journey to explore new markets, products, or business models

  • Innovation Session: 1-day session to stretch thinking on emerging threats and opportunities

  • Strategy Session: 1-3 day session to accelerate the strategic planning process


Leverage immersive storytelling to make your vision a movement. 

Sample engagements: 

  • Communications Strategy: Transformative communications powered by story, design, and media

  • Transformative Moments: Experience design and facilitation for offsites, retreats, and board meetings

  • Executive Storytelling: Keynotes, speeches, and storytelling coaching for leaders


Shift mindsets and behaviors to bring your vision to life.

Sample engagements: 

  • Stakeholder Influence: Small group sessions to gain alignment and resolve conflict

  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Campaigns to dramatically boost recruiting and retention

  • Culture Change: Integrated consulting to redefine team values, norms, and behaviors


What is your impossible dream?

Whether it’s strategy or culture, you can leverage the power of story to reimagine tomorrow. It’s a journey that we’d be honored to take with you. A journey that just might change your world.

We should talk if you want to…


Build an aligned purpose-driven culture

Icons_V2_New Vision for future.jpg

Define a new vision for the future

Icons_V2_Engagement next level.jpg

Take employee engagement to the next level


Reimagine the way you communicate

Icons_V2_Offsite Experience.jpg

Create a transformative offsite experience

Icons_V2_Culture post merger.jpg

Create a cohesive culture post-merger